Interest rates are on the rise... While still historically low, they are definitely higher than they were a year ago, which can be less than optimal for Buyers and create a lot of questions. Many of the Buyers we’re seeing in the market today are very cognizant of this shift.  

Today’s Buyers still have the same access to the upfront money for down payments and closing costs as Buyers from the past couple of years. Although Buyers today are now realizing that their money won’t go as far as it once did due to the rising interest rates.  This is one of the reasons why we are seeing demand start to shift.

For example: Last year an identical house was listed on the market for the same amount as yours on the market today. The Buyer today will end up…

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“The only thing I regret in my life is not getting into Real Estate earlier.”

This is absolutely a true statement. Whether it is investing in Real Estate and (or) becoming a Real Estate agent, I wish I had done both of them sooner.
As they say, hindsight is twenty-twenty! If you are thinking about becoming a Real Estate agent, read on for the tips I wish I knew when I started.

1 - Learn everything you can, and do not stop
This industry is ever-changing so if you are
not open to changing with it or think you will have enough experience once you do a
few deals, don’t even bother signing up for the courses. I learn many new lessons, new
information and ways to better serve my clients and my team every single day. This is
not an exaggeration at all. Of…

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One of the most nerve-wracking things about selling a home is pricing it. Pricing makes such a big difference in how your property is perceived by buyers—and ultimately, it determines how much money you can get out of your home.

That means you want to get it right so you don’t lose out on any money. But going too high can scare away the perfect buyers. So what are you supposed to do?

Well, first things first: work with an expert to price your home. Your real estate agent will complete a market comparison and analyze your home against your local market and house comps to find the perfect listing price.

But sometimes sellers aren’t so sure about the price their agents come up with. I occasionally get questions about whether or not it’s a good…

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Oh No—Home Inspection Problems

Getting an inspection on a property is a standard part of the buying process so you know exactly what you’re getting into. An inspection gives you a good idea of the condition of the house and if there are any problems or big repairs needed.

Every buyer and seller hopes that the inspection will come back with a gold star and that everything will be good to go. But sometimes that doesn’t happen. Now what do you do?

 If you’re the buyer, you’ll work with your agent to negotiate repairs with the seller. You’ll tell them what’s wrong and make a request for them to fix it.

 While you can choose to do all the repairs yourself, sometimes lenders will require that certain repairs are completed before they’ll provide you…

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If you’re thinking about selling your home, pay attention to this! These are the biggest mistakes that I see home sellers make ALL the time. Don’t be like them. Learn from their mistakes and avoid doing these 5 things.
Mistake 1: Setting too high of a sales price

Most buyers filter homes by price. Pricing your home too high can make it so the best buyers for your property never even see your listing! Your agent will help you set the sales prices, so listen to their reasons for the price. Since they know exactly what’s going on in your local market at the moment, it’s best to listen to their expertise–that’s why you hired them, after all!

Mistake 2: Not leaving enough time to prep your home for sale

If you want to get the most money…

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Right now, our market is considered a low inventory market. That means that there are considerably more buyers (demand) than there are properties for sale (supply). And that means it’s a challenge to buy a home these days.

But don’t worry. With a little patience and flexibility, it’s possible! I also recommend doing the following to get a house right now

1. Work with a buyer’s agent

A real estate agent will make your life 100% easier and it’s free to you! Sellers pay agent commissions, so you get all the support, experience, and guidance of a real estate agent at no additional cost.

2. Set up new listing alerts

If there’s an area you have your heart set on, set up listing alerts through your agent’s app. You’ll get notified as soon as…

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One thing we know for sure is that the world is unpredictable. Therefore, our schedules become unpredictable and will sometimes expand into the space that we book for downtime, even with the best of intentions. A staycation can be the perfect solution if you cannot travel far because of Covid restrictions, or you do not have the ability to leave for a longer duration.

In the past 2 years, we have missed out on our “normal” vacations and although the tropical drinks and listening to the waves seem like the only thing that will allow me to fully unplug, that has just not been possible. The Real Estate Industry has been the Wild West for quite a while now. My husband and I are both full-time Realtors and I am running a Real Estate team in one…

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Today, we're diving into an important topic that could make a big difference in the amount of money you net from your home sale.  The market is hot. There are more buyers who need houses than houses for sale. That means your home is in demand and it’s not even listed yet. That sounds like great news for you and it is!


As a result of this, we know potential sellers are thinking… Hmm maybe we should just put a sign up in the front yard and see what happens. The truth is,

The worst thing you can do as a seller in a hot market is to do it alone.


  So before you head to the local hardware store for that "For Sale By Owner" sign, keep reading. We know you're doing the math and figuring out how much selling your home on your own…

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You’re getting ready to start the home buying process, browsing through all the real estate websites to see what’s out there and have started your new home wish list. You’ve probably been getting advice from friends and family members about how to get a good deal and things you should do to avoid overpaying. Now you’re wondering how much do you actually offer on a house? Is there some kind of magic formula to follow or do you just throw out a number that you’re comfortable with? Here are a few things to consider before determining how much to offer on a house:

 Know the Market

Before even considering how much to offer on a home, it’s important that you’re familiar with the market you’re going to be looking in.

 The market can vary between…

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After helping many first-time homebuyers successfully buy their dream homes, I noticed something that I want to share with as many future first-time homebuyers as possible. What I noticed was that several of these buyers weren’t aware that they had the ability to use a buyer’s agent to represent them in one of the biggest purchases they will ever make.

I want to put this out there to help educate as many people as possible that you can and should have an agent who works for you when you are ready to buy a home because let’s be honest, buying a home involves a lot more steps than most people realize. So what does a buyer’s agent do? In a nutshell, they help you, the buyers; navigate the entire home buying process one step at a time. But let’s dive…

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