Congrats on your home purchase! This is a very exciting time and one you will hopefully look back on with fond memories! Now it’s time to take some pictures in front of the sold sign, pop open some champagne, line-up the trucks for moving day and order the pizza because you are OFFICIALLY a homeowner. Before you do, here are five things you should do first:

Get to know your house:

Review your home inspection to be prepared for immediate fixes that may need completed right away. If they are big jobs, you will need to line-up a contractor. If they are small, you can hit the hardware store to get you supplies ready for move-in/ repair day. Some people prefer or need to, t

o do the repairs BEFORE they move in and if it’s a busy season your favourite contractor may have a waiting list so the more notice the better!

Check the smoke and CO2 detectors.

This was probably also done during your home inspection but it is best to check again after you take possession and before you move-in to make sure they work perfectly or replace if necessary. Carry extra batteries on hand and while you are at it pick-up a couple of fire extinguishers to have on hand and learn how to use them.

Change the locks.

This is a standard safety measure that cannot be done until after closing so grab new lock sets before you move in so you are ready to go when you get the keys. Sometimes the simplest things can get lost in a long to-do list!

Forward your mail.

Canada post offers this service $54.06 for 4 months if you are relocating within the same province to give you enough time to have everything changed over. There are also options for out-of-province, temporary forwarding, and longer term. It can be done easily online here.

Plan a deep clean and full re-paint, if possible.

This is an excellent time to clean when the house is empty and it is very possible that you may not like the colours the last owners chose. Either way, it’s a great excuse for a painting party! If you would rather hire someone, we are happy to recommend a pro to save you time.

Time to tackle your list! You will rest easy knowing these items are done before you move-in. If you are not in the middle of a purchase but would like to get started, feel free to reach out and we can schedule a time to chat here.

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