“The only thing I regret in my life is not getting into Real Estate earlier.”

This is absolutely a true statement. Whether it is investing in Real Estate and (or) becoming a Real Estate agent, I wish I had done both of them sooner.
As they say, hindsight is twenty-twenty! If you are thinking about becoming a Real Estate agent, read on for the tips I wish I knew when I started.

1 - Learn everything you can, and do not stop
This industry is ever-changing so if you are
not open to changing with it or think you will have enough experience once you do a
few deals, don’t even bother signing up for the courses. I learn many new lessons, new
information and ways to better serve my clients and my team every single day. This is
not an exaggeration at all. Of course, we learn most from doing deals and I would love
to say that I personally do a deal every single day, but I do not. What I mean is that I am
seeking ways to improve every day. We refine our process regularly and the only thing
in the industry, and life that is consistent is change. The markets will shift, the interest
rates will fluctuate and the strategies will adjust. If you are open- minded enough to
seek out the information, apply the changes and grow, you will always serve your clients
in the best way.

2 - Know Your "Why" 
There will be a few days, or maybe years when you struggle in Real
Estate. A support system, a coach, a team, a mentor and a strong drink or a long pause
are often exactly what is needed in these moments to re-align with your goals but they
can be wildly ineffective you do not have a strong why. It sounds simple, but it is one of
many Realtor’s biggest challenges. Maybe you have many why’s like your kids, or your
charity of choice, or to be of service in your best way. But, it could be that you struggle
with your why and if it is, my best advice is pick the one that makes you “feel” the most.
What are you passionate about to the point that you can’t NOT do it? Or that you know
in your gut that you MUST do it. I have heard some pretty inspirational why’s over the
years and I have seen some incredible stories from people who used their why to
motivate them when they had no support system, or the market changes, or they did
not want to do their morning routine. Small consistent changes fuelled by a powerful
why is an amazing recipe for success.

3 - Success is Hard Work
This is very much the case in Real Estate as most other
professions. A mentor once told me “You know you have reached success in this
industry when people see what you do and tell you it looks easy.” The over-arching
opinion that I hear when people talk about getting into real estate is how fun it looks
and how they think they will be great at Real Estate because they love houses. While
both of these may play a factor in what attracts you to the industry, I have never had a
seller tell me how much they trusted me with their largest investment because of my
love of houses or how much fun I look like I am having. It is hard work. There are some
quicker roads to success and tons of helpful ideas, but there are zero shortcuts. The
days will be long, your phone will ring during your “personal” time, and it will often feel
like you have way the dreams you have out-weigh the hours in the day.

4 - Be Ethical
I really think this should not need to be stated... but it does, sadly. The
golden rule applies always but even more when people’s homes are at stake. Make sure
you know the rules and follow them. You will be raising the bar for everyone, you will
sleep better at night and people will love to work with you. How great could that be?

5 - Be Kind
Some of the most difficult experiences I have had in Real Estate are when I let
emotions get the best of me and could have been more kind. I am not still learning. To
be clear, I am not a mean person but I am fiercely protective. When my clients biggest
investment is on the line, I need to make sure that I going to bat for them in every
possible way. Sometimes this is solving problems that they do not know exist, and
sometimes it is calling out an ethical breach to ensure that it does not happen again. In
any circumstance, you can be nasty or can you be kind. You know you get more flies
with honey, right?

7 - Have fun
This is a new one for me. I never used to think it was a crucial piece of the
puzzle, just a bonus. I changed my mind. You have to have some element of fun. But,
fun can look different for everyone. It can be practical jokes at the office, social time
after hours, conference trips or laughing over coffee or at the team meeting or planning
your next goofy reel. But, it should be present in some capacity. The pressure can build
and laughter really can be the best medicine. I will tell you for sure that satisfaction in
my career exploded when I started having more fun. Actually, my business also grew
exponentially. I am by far having the most fun in my work days because of the people I
work with. You need to intentionally surround yourself with the right people in order to
accomplish this which may take a few times to get it right, but when it does, it is magic.

Author: Tanya Evoy, Real Estate Broker and Team Lead
Evoy Real Estate Team RE/MAX Affiliates Realty.
You can email Tanya here or call her direct: 613-285-4214

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