This day in age it is very easy to do things online. Literally there is an app for everything, even a virtual assistant! I think this has led to some wonderful conveniences that I many enjoy every day, but I also feel that it has led us down a slippery slope to an industry where there is less and less personal contact – In a service business!! I know, right? This is leaving people to feel they should buy homes on their own.

When people are buying houses and are going at it alone, without the proper information, or guidance it can be a very costly mistake….in a lot of ways. Yes, I know there’s a TON off apps to see which properties are available for sale and this is fantastic- seriously. As a Realtor I love them too. These apps do not give you sold information for listings or days on market and when you are purchasing (or listing) this is very important to you. Who wants to overpay for a house? NOT ME, or any of my buyers. Even if you do overpay, which hopefully your Realtor advises you against, the house may not appraise and then your financing could be at risk. Then, if you need to sell down the road for an unexpected circumstance you may owe too much and have to put money out on closing. Certainly not an ideal situation for anyone.

Accredited Buyer Representatives are professional Realtors who have taken additional training on how to look out for your best interests in a Buyer-client relationship and to handle things that come up in the transaction and buying process such as : formulating your negotiation strategy, advise you in developing your offer and receiving updated and relevant information on concerns as a Buyer. Your agent should be working full time for you to find a home and help you in the entire process.

How can an Accredited Buyer Representative (ABR) help in your biggest purchase? Let me count the ways!

– Regular updates on new homes available before the public sees them
– Analyzing your needs and showing you houses you are interested in only
– Canvassing for “pocket listings” which may not be on the market yet
– Organizing property tours to use time efficiently and get the inside scoop on any property issues
– Include recommended clauses for your protection in the agreement
– Successfully negotiate the agreement of purchase and sale, leaving emotions out of the equation, which can result in more money in your pocket
– Discuss closing costs, inspections, recommend quality contractors to carry out repairs
– Knowledge of market and pertinent area concerns (local schools, water issues, chemical spills known defects of the property, etc.)
– Most Realtors only work with a limited number of Buyers (I know I do) to enable them to be available for you to view all the homes you want to see and provide gold level service

Note: more information regarding how and Accredited Buyer Representative can help you can be found on, or on my website at
Truthfully, this only part of the job description of Buyer Representatives. I like to have a buyer counselling session to explain the process in detail and then my Buyer’s know what they can expect. Overcoming the obstacles that will arise (yes, they will) in your biggest purchase, and finding solutions to these obstacles, is something that makes experience with Buying properties an asset. You just don’t have time to make all the mistakes yourself, trust me. Nor should you want to.

The BEST part of this equation is… you don’t need to pay for these services! Most Buyers are not even aware of how agents get paid, and this is an issue for everyone. It creates awkwardness in the client- agent relationship which can lead to distrust and eventually a non-happy client. NOT GOOD. I discuss this with my Buyers upfront so they know that the monies are coming from the Seller’s agent and even in For Sale by Owner situations, most will agree to pay a Buyer’s agent to bring the buyer. I LOVE working with buyers! I love working with Sellers too… but there is something so special about finding the perfect home for my clients. It’s as exciting as it comes as far as jobs go and for this, I am really blessed to love it as much as I do.

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Ah, so this is what 'buyers beware' actually means. I didn't really think about this before, so I am glad you've mentioned the actual meaning here. Continue sharing more content like this.

Posted by Bridge Dale on Monday, August 30th, 2021 at 7:25am

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