Having a team that has your back every step of the way, and are your biggest cheerleaders is one of the main thing that sets The Evoy Real Estate Team apart from others. In the Agent, Community and Realtor Recourses blogs written and published by the agents themselves, you'll find blogs and/or vlogs that will provide you with miscellaneous resources,  housing market updates and a behind the scenes look at Realtor Life.

One of the best things about living in Lanark County is the amount of trails and wilderness available at our doorstep. You can drive minutes to some of the most spectacular views! When you live locally, you don’t always play locally. We all know that we have had more time to explore what our beautiful area has to offer recently and we hope everyone will continue to safely enjoy these fantastic sources of exercise, family time, fresh air and exploring.

One of our favourite things to do with our kids is go for a walk and explore a trail. Being outside is so important to our metal health and is a great place for quiet reflection alone or great conversation with others. We have checked-out a few that I listed below and hope to explore many more in…

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Real estate seems like the perfect job. To me it is but I can tell you it has not always been that way. I wish I had more information when I started or at least where to go to get it. Tons of entrepreneurs decide to pursue a career in real estate every year and the Ottawa Real Estate Board alone had 267 new members in 2016. It seems like a dream job where you can make your own hours, take vacations whenever you want, look at beautiful homes, and make lots of money.

Although some of these may be true, many factors affect how this will happen. If you plan on making a solid living, there are a few things to consider when you become newly registered.

1- Make a plan. With all of your newly acquired knowledge, you will surely want to hit the…

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